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 This four-day tour of Copenhagen and its surrounding areas will give the participants unique insights to the history of the internationally acclaimed Danish design and architecture tradition. We...
This tour around Denmark will focus on the "New Nordic" cooking wave - while at the same time highlighting some of the most interesting traditional local products and dishes. The guests will...
The tours described only represents a small portion of what BALDER can do. We will gladly customize other tours according to need. Our knowledge and expertise ensures a very high degree of...
This is Denmark is the ultimate introduction to Denmark, spending 10 days travelling around the country whilst sampling all that Denmark has to offer. We will travel from the scenic northern tip of...
BALDER offers a wide range of possibilities for visitors who want to explore art in Denmark. Both in terms of art history and contemporary art. Our highly skilled expert guides - among them former...

what we do

BALDER is a Danish incoming travel agency that specializes in high-end and content driven travel to Denmark from the rest of the world. We perceive the people who visit Denmark with our help as our personal guests and we do our outmost to ensure that they have a pleasant and rewarding visit to our small country.

The typical BALDER guest is curious, well traveled and do not settle for the usual tourist traps. Which is why, the different BALDER tours allow the guests to experience parts of the country where tourists from overseas rarely set foot. While at the same time being introduced to the places where the most selective Danes choose to spend their own holidays. Our concept is simple. We don’t bring anybody anywhere that we wouldn’t go ourselves. If it isn’t worth our time, it’s not worth your time.

We do Denmark the way it’s supposed to, because we know Denmark like no one else. Simply put we are confident to say that you won’t find what we do better anywhere else. Our pre-packaged tours are assembled from years of collected knowledge and insider information, experiences and contacts everywhere in Denmark and everything is planned to optimize the time spent in Denmark.

The BALDER Team and Network

The BALDER team has extensive experience from the tourist sector. We know Denmark extremely well, and all our tours are planned down to smallest detail. The team ensures that we provide our guests with the most authentic and unique Denmark experience possible.

All BALDER employees and associates live in Denmark and know every imaginable and unimaginable detail about transportation, accommodation, restaurants, museums, history, culture and every other aspect of Denmark that makes our tours absolutely premium.

The BALDER Network is first-class, both in terms of service and knowledge providers. We know a lot of interesting people in Denmark, and whenever it makes sense, we will bring in the designer, the chef or the architect to tell the story. BALDER focuses on a number of travel themes, including, but not limited to: History, Architecture and Design, Gastronomy and Art.



Recent Blog Entries

Monday 23rd, June, 2014

New sites in Denmark added to UNESCO World Heritage list. Both the Wadden Sea and Møns Klint has made the list – More on the Wadden Sea: LINK! More on Møens Klint: LINK!

Copenhagen tops Monocle list - again
Thursday 19th, June, 2014

Copenhagen is for the second year in a row named "Most Liveable City in the World" by Monocle magazine - link!

Denmark is the world's 2nd most peaceful country
Wednesday 7th, May, 2014

Only Iceland is more peaceful. According to the Global Peace Index - LINK!

Noma number one again
Thursday 1st, May, 2014

And even the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon has noticed. Very funny introduction to Danish cuisine - LINK!

Do it for denmark
Thursday 27th, March, 2014

Not really related to what to see in Denmark, but we like it. So does The Washington Post - LINK!